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OM Property Holding is a trading company and developer that serves as an umbrella for all OM Group operations. It was founded by Michal Mühlbauer and Ondřej Vala, seasoned professionals well versed in the construction and property market in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In 2020, having spent their entire careers in the construction industry, they decided to link up their development and consulting businesses under one roof and create the OM Group. OM Property Holding, evolving out of the specialist residential and industrial developer Contima, became the group’s overarching company.

Another prominent group member is OM Consulting, the construction consulting company running the entire gamut of building activities, from the design of the initial concept to the commissioning of the new building. Some hundred professionals provide services in project management, cost management, design & architecture, technology, construction management and technical due diligence. In its work for leading Czech and foreign companies, the firm draws on wide-ranging know- how that cuts across all real estate segments.

It has experienced spiralling growth in recent years, so much so that it now has the quality and capacity of service provision to compete confidently with multinationals. It is one of the top five construction consultants on the Czech market.

The company’s success and growth advanced to a stage where the founders decided the time was ripe to share their experience with the market and take their existing business up a level.

This decision saw OM Real Estate Fund, a qualified investors fund, join the OM Group.

OUR people

Ing. Michal Mühlbauer, PhD. - Executive

Michal Mühlbauer is Executive of OM Property Holding and one of the founders of the OM Group. He has many years’ construction experience both in the Czech Republic and abroad. His international insight serves as a solid foundation for his close work with Czech and foreign investors.

Ing. Ondřej Vala - Executive

Ondřej Vala is Executive of OM Property Holding and one of the founders of the OM Group. He has been involved in construction and development since he was a student. Ondřej Vala has been a technologist planning engineer – for a general contractor and, on the client side of the aisle, he has worked as a project manager responsible for the preparation and construction of hotel, administrative, residential and multi-purpose projects.

Ing. Pavel Teňak - Managing Director

Pavel Teňak manages OM Property Holding and all of its business and development operations. In his capacity as CEO of OM Property Services, he is also a member of the supervisory board of OM Real Estate Fund, the qualified investors fund. From 2017 to 2020, he was the managing director of the construction consulting company OM Consulting, which is part of the OM Group’s portfolio.

Markéta Kudrnová - Head of Office

Markéta Kudrnová is the Head of Office manager for all companies belonging to the OM family. She manages internal projects and is responsible for the uninterrupted flow of information between colleagues, including the smooth running of the office. She provides support to the company’s top management and is also in charge of administrative and legislative matters.

Ing. Martina Purrová - Financial Manager

Martina Purrová is responsible for the financial management of the entire OM group ofcompanies. She also manages financial planning and controlling, including the company’s tax compliance. She is in charge of efficient and economical management of the group’s financial flows.

Ing. Jitka Kvartková - Marketing & PR Manager

Jitka Kvartková oversees all of the OM Group’s marketing activities. She works with the top management to devise the marketing strategy and communication plan, which she is then responsible for putting into action. She builds the brand of the group and its various companies and is the main point of contact for press.

Ing. Michaela Kačerová - HR Manager

Michaela Kačerová is responsible for the whole people employee life management cycle at all OM Group companies. She focuses in particular on the recruitment, adaptation and onboarding of new staff and on training theand development and training of existing employees.


OM Property Holding s.r.o.

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OM Property Services s.r.o.

Futurama Business Park – building D

Sokolovská 668/136d, 186 00 Praha 8 – Karlín


Phone: +420 223 006 153

E-mail: info@omproperty.cz
E-mail: m.kudrnova@omproperty.cz

Bank: Raiffeisenbank
Account number:   2984047002
Bank code:  5500

Register entry: C 341307, filed at the Municipal Court in Prague

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