Marketing & PR Manager

Ing. Jitka Kvartková

Jitka Kvartková oversees all of the OM Group’s marketing activities. She works with the top management to devise the marketing strategy and communication plan, which she is then responsible for putting into action. She builds the brand of the group and its various companies and is the main point of contact for press.


Jitka Kvartková has worked for Czech businesses and multinational corporations and has many years’ real estate experience under her belt. At consulting company Cushman& Wakefield, she got the marketing department off the ground and went on to manage its Central European PR activities. She also has experience in PR and marketing for finance, advocacy and logistics companies. She is a regular contributor to trade journals.

Kvartková earned her degree at the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics, Prague, and is also a graduate of the London School of Public Relations. She is fluent in English and can get by in German and Spanish.


T + 420 603 113 168